Community & Public Transit

There are more than 130,000 buses on the road in North America. The average number of passengers on them is nine. There is unused capacity in every bus fleet. Why does this happen? Unmatched supply and demand. What if there was a way to bring buses and other transit vehicles closer to their riders to get more people riding transit? Let’s transform transit today.


Paratransit & Demand Response

The challenge for these systems is that there are no fixed routes or schedules for vehicles; no day or trip is the same. Pantonium’s paratransit and demand response software provides an all-in-one solution to this problem by shifting the burden of scheduling, routing and dispatching to automated processes.

Automated Scheduling & Routing

Advanced scheduling and routing software facilitates efficient routes and trips, rostering and bidding. Easily build and update new schedules with minimal training and up-front configuration. Connect with other software to export your schedules, providing riders with accurate and timely information about their trips.

Rider App

The future of public transit is in the palm of your riders hands. Use Pantonium’s rider app to schedule, order, view and pay for trips. The app is synchronizes schedule information with drivers and riders and the system in real-time allowing it to optimize plans as the requirements for the day change.


Fixed & Flexible

Pantonium’s system was created for managing fleets of vehicles used for people transportation. Helping move riders efficiently in an on demand world. We provide technology that enables people transportation services to blend fixed and flexible routes.

Maximize Capacity

Combine and coordinate fixed routes with flexible routes to get the real time responsiveness to serve demand that fixed routes can’t. Integrate and mix current demand response vehicles with fixed route transit.

Increase Service Area

Increase ridership by using flexible routes as feeder services, cover surges in demand, handle trips to employment or education facilities, cover larger low density areas.

Use Less Vehicles

Optimize routes in real-time, automate processes for dispatch and routing with real-time technology in order to reduce administrative costs.

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602, 2017

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