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Ride sharing is an alternative transportation program that can reduce traffic congestion, environmental impacts, and can save millions of dollars in commuting and parking costs. However, matching up to tens of thousands of travelers with rides, as well as keeping information up to date and generating required reports can be significantly challenging. When managing ridesharing for a single office or an entire region, our software offers an easy-to-use web-based interface to connect the right riders with the right vehicles to maximize customer satisfaction and efficiency. Pantonium is excited to be on the cutting edge of the ongoing personalization of transit.


Driver App

Pantonium uses smartphone & tablet based applications for drivers to connect them to our system, allowing operators to track their daily trip progress and interactions with riders.

Maximize Vehicle Efficiency

With efficient data capture and reporting, you are able to reduce staffing costs by eliminating unnecessary human labour. By carefully consolidating trips, even underserved areas can have access to ridesharing.

Vehicle Optimization

To ensure your ridesharing plan is always providing the quickest, cheapest and most satisfying service possible, our technology determines the optimal capacity and route for vehicles to run in the most efficient way without human intervention.

Pantonium’s Rider App

  • Riders access your service through Pantonium’s “rider app” where they can request a ride or schedule one in the future.

  • The ride is logged into the Pantonium system. A vehicle and route are selected based on its fleet analysis and optimization. Pantonium computes millions of permutations to produce the most efficient plan while also respecting rider and operator preferences.

  • Once the ride is complete, payment is received and you can manage billing and finances through our billing module. Pantonium can then generate reports on riders, drivers, routes and vehicles to enable continuous system improvement.

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