A dynamic software platform for dispatching and routing vehicle fleets


The transportation industry is changing

Pantonium’s technology routes passenger vehicles in real-time, using GPS and mobile applications to connect riders and drivers to a central system which calculates optimal routes in the most cost effective manner, allowing operators to stay competitive in an on-demand world.

Connect With Riders

Using GPS enabled mobile applications for riders and drivers for improved communications, visibility and feedback

Move them quickly

Real-time route optimization through proprietary algorithms helping fleets multiload riders, automate dispatch and reduce vehicle costs

Get Paid

Enterprise ready software, end-to-end capabilities from trip ordering to billing, manage accounts and reports on operational data

Pantonium has a complete software platform to bring you up to speed.

  • Route optimization
  • Vehicle Tracking & GPS
  • Driver Mobile Application

  • Extensive Reports

Pantonium’s Rider App

  • Riders access your service through Pantonium’s “rider app” where they can request a ride or schedule one in the future.

  • The ride is logged into the Pantonium system. A vehicle and route are selected based on its fleet analysis and optimization. Pantonium computes millions of permutations to produce the most efficient plan while also respecting rider and operator preferences.

  • Once the ride is complete, payment is received and you can manage billing and finances through our billing module. Pantonium can then generate reports on riders, drivers, routes and vehicles to enable continuous system improvement.

Customer Spotlight

How did our customer, Caliber Transport + Patient Care triple in size and spread to 30 different locations in just one year?


4,000,000 Trips

Pantonium has been used by several companies to manage roughly 4,000,000 trips in the last year.


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