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Intelligent People Transportation

Real-Time Routing Solutions for Vehicle Fleets


Where are your riders going?

Powering public and private organizations to move people efficiently in real-time. Through managing vehicle fleets to increase capacity and service area. Pantonium solves complex transportation problems using optimization technology.

Bring key values to your fleet

Improve Customer Service

Unique Profiles for Riders & Drivers

Improve Control

Real-Time Visibility of Fleet Assets & Schedules

Reduce Complexity

Algorithms Use Map Data & User Preferences to Automatically Build Routes

Pantonium has a complete software platform to bring you up to speed.

  • Route optimization
  • Vehicle Tracking & GPS
  • Driver Mobile Application

  • Extensive Reports

Real-time Efficiency

Build schedules and routes on-demand for any size or type of people transportation operation. Pantonium’s system considers vehicle capacity, cost, time, rider preferences and real map data, using proprietary algorithms to get riders where they need to go with a globally optimized fleet. Saving time on and off the road.

Case Studies & Whitepapers

See our case studies page – Pantonium’s hub for resources and information to help companies interested in transportation software

Trips Completed in Pantonium
Pantonium has allowed Caliber Care + transport to expand very quickly and has allowed us the ability to have scaleablility to develop new solutions that were not needed initially
Aaron Fee, National Director of Operations, Caliber

I really appreciated the quick responses and help throughout all the training

Kim, Dispatcher, Freedom Shuttle

The best feature is the driver app, because the whole process is done with minimum communication between dispatchers and drivers

Eugene Brusilosky, President, Adult Medical Transportation
It is much more creative and flexible in matching and combining trips in a manner we could never come up with. Something that would take us hours is now ready in minutes.
Marilyn Bird, Executive Director, Lanark Transportation
I have lead many system implementations, this is by far the smoothest, the system is easy to use!
Cheryl Shea, NEMT Logistics Manager, Parastar

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