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Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

Unlock new sources of value from your NEMT operations with Pantonium’s software. The system covers all the scheduling, dispatch and operational needs of NEMT providers. Using a web-based portal that is simple to use, dependable, and cost-effective, dispatchers can rely on Pantonium’s routing algorithms to cut the number of vehicles needed to perform the same number of trips. The system offers automated order creation, billing, invoicing and reporting to turn any NEMT operation into a scalable and repeatable process. So you can focus on what matters most: delivering superior service to your customers and growing your business.


NEMT Brokerage Integration

Pantonium knows the importance of brokerages in the medical transportation industry. Brokers are a major source of trips for many NEMT providers and Pantonium deploys an easy to use web based interface to integrate with major non-emergency medical transportation brokerages like: LogistiCare, MTM, Access 2 Care, Veyo and more.

Brokerage integrations help transportation providers push and pull trip information to and from brokerages. Allowing dispatchers, schedulers and drivers focus on key competencies, not data entry. Let Pantonium’s technology do the work for your NEMT business. Contact us to discuss integrating with your NEMT brokers today.

Pantonium Route Optimization + NEMT

Not all fleet management software is made equal. Pantonium has developed an algorithm based system specifically to cut the costs of NEMT operations, this system works in real-time. In medical transport schedules are always changing therefore it can be challenging to build efficient routes after the day has begun and the cancellations and will-calls force a change in the plan. This is why the Pantonium platform has real-time route optimization capabilities.

Dispatchers can change routes, add and remove vehicles and trips, on the fly, while still maintaining the efficiency of the plan. The bottom line of Pantonium route optimization is that it cuts driver time and vehicles required, it does so better than even the most experienced dispatchers. See our routing optimization demonstration here, using a real NEMT company’s data.

Automated Scheduling & Dispatch

Replace your paper-based operations with our automated system. Build schedules in seconds. Use Pantonium to outsource trips to third party operators or quickly perform a bulk import of broker trips into the system.

Mobile Application

Pantonium uses smartphone or tablet based application for drivers to connect them to our system, allowing operators to track their daily trip progress, and interactions with riders. See a demonstration of our Rocket Fuel App here.


24/7 Customer Support

Pantonium is with you every step of the way. Our software and team is ready to help every one of our customers grow with us. Personalized on-boarding will train management and key users to master the Pantonium system and help to operation, our Operations team is standing by 24/7 for support and assistance.



Quicker Dispatching

Drastically reduce dispatch time by changing your dispatchers function from building routes to managing exceptions that occur throughout the day.


Ridership Capacity

Pantonium’s algorithm can be used to maximize the capacity of your vehicles by quickly analyzing daily schedules and multi-load vehicles without breaking service requirements.


Less Vehicles

With the ability to multi-load effectively, Pantonium allows you to do more with less. Maintain your service levels, while using less vehicles doing it.

Customer Spotlight

How did our customer, Caliber Transport + Patient Care triple in size and spread to 30 different locations in just one year?

Find out in the Pantonium case study.


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